Harris & Ford Chlor Alkali Iowa Plant

Located in Eddyville, Iowa, the Harris & Ford Chlor Alkali Plant, The Carpenter’s Son (TCS) overseen a brand-new facility, comprised of 7 structures. These structures consist of administration building, process, warehouse, fire pump, salt unload, chemical load out stations and a boiler building. The purpose of the facility is to provide hydrochloric acid, caustic, and bleach throughout the U.S. It is also known for providing much need jobs in the city of Eddyville, Iowa.

The Harris & Ford Chlor Alkali Plant was over budget and off schedule. Our CEO Maurice Dunn was asked to assist the project and do what ever was necessary to put the project back on track. Within in the first month of being asked to be a part of this project the TCS Iowa team focused on the communication within the company to better find a solution to these problems. During this first month, time was spent just gathering information from all the different entities within the company, creating what Maurice called the "War Room". War Room is a method in which all systems used in the company were visible and seen among the walls. This allowed for the team to identify what was most critical and what was left to be done. 

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