New Endeavors Women's Shelter

Washington, DC

Architect: Core Architect

Project Size: 24,000 sf.

Project Duration: October 2012- February 2014

Women’s Supportive Housing  611 N Street, NW Washington, DC

Women’s Supportive Housing 611 N Street, NW Washington, DC


This project is currently 100% completed. The 611 N Street project has obtained LEED Silver standings and is one of the newest transitional housing in the District of Columbia. This project also has a green roof and an EIFS façade. During this project we selected and negotiated contracts with the A/E, CM, GC, and third party inspectors. During the duration of this project, there has been a negotiated savings in upwards of 2 million in change orders. 

Before Image

Before Image


Key Challenges on this Project

• Due to the structure being compromised TCS’ Project Manager gave direction to demo original slab in order to eliminate further damage, future maintenance issues and wasted funds on refurbishing a building that had many problems.

• TCS’ Project Manager negotiated change orders of excessive of $2 million down to $900,000 in order to change the structure from the original slab to an all steel building.

Completed Project

Completed Project


The 611 N Street women’s shelter is a two-story building completed with 30 total individual unit spaces; it has five (5) pods with six (6) bedrooms in each pod. The project also consists of a laundry room, full kitchen and eating area, computer lab, conference room, and staff offices.