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Who is The Carpenter's Son?

The Carpenter’s Son, LLC (TCS) is a fullservice Construction Management, General Contracting and Consulting firm founded in 2012 on the principle of providing quality work in the construction industry. Committed to providing superb services for Commercial or Federal clients regardless of the scale or project intricacies, TCS offers a diversified range of holistic capabilities, performing as collaborative partners from start to finish. What sets TCS apart is the ability to provide management services and after-project workshops, education and training.

Our Objective

The Carpenter’s Son (TCS) is a Construction Management Company dedicated to providing exceptional services in construction to benefit the interests and the general welfare of the public, as well as the private sector. It is our mission that our performance reflects that of exceptional quality, integrity, and professionalism. TCS is confident that by delivering optimum organization and expertise to our projects, TCS is able to complete tasks with accuracy and efficiency.

Our Core Values

• To exceed our customers’ expectations

• To conduct our business with integrity

• To provide a work-life balanced environment for our       employees

• To have clear and open internal and external   communication


The vision is to be a full service construction and management company with the highest level of integrity and added value to our clients.


F O U N D E R  &  C E O  |  S P E A K E R  |  C O N S U L T A N T

Maurice Dunn is an Indianapolis native and a graduate of Purdue University. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Construction Management and Civil Engineering in 2005.  Maurice spent time honing his skills as a project manager before taking on the role of owning his own company in 2012.  Overcoming impossible challenges growing up, Maurice was blessed to find his strength through a faith-led life. He felt that it was important to be able to give back to his community through renovation and beautification projects. His belief of founding a company based on honesty and integrity sets him apart from other companies. Being able to place your trust and your project to his team is an easy choice. With a background in Commercial and Federal Construction Management, Maurice has overseen and completed various structures such as government buildings, manufacturing plants, chemical facilities, shelters for men and women, educational facilities, and more.

Maurice Dunn